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About Carmen Freeman

I was born in the Southern Germany, in Baden-Württemberg. After my 'Abitur' at a local High School, I studied Food Technology at the University of Munich/Weihenstephan and finished with an engineering degree. Four years later, I completed my thesis and PhD in Engineering/Food Technology.

During my school years, I studied English and French as foreign languages. I continued learning English during my PhD studies and was fortunate to find a job with an international flavor (for foods) company in Switzerland. Dealing with customers worldwide, I had to sharpen my French and English. After five and a half years in Switzerland, I was relocated to the United States.

During this time, I met my American husband and decided to stay in the United States.

Since 2003, I have been tutoring German for children, adults and employees of international companies. I have prepared adult learners for B1 level exams and children for the American AATG and AP tests.  I also teach an advanced adult class of the German School Association, at which I am their lead teacher for the adult classes.

In 2004, I was asked to translate for genealogical research a text written in old-German letters into English. I was immediately intriqued by the beautiful cursive handwritting, remembering that my grandfather and my mother still learned to write Suetterlin in school. From these early challenges, I am now a confident reader of old-German handwritting and fractur print. I enjoy reading all types of documents from the 20th, 19th and late 18th century, which often provide exciting eye-witness accounts to events of the past. 

In 2008, I began teaching the German language to U.S. employees of a  German-based company. Many of these employees have reached a level at which they can conduct confidently their business in German.

On a continuous basis, I read. I read about pedagogy, attend seminars and presentations on teaching and genealogy. I also enjoy reading books on historic subjects as well as biographies.